Qualifications: Israeli Lawyer, Israeli Lasting Power of Attorney

Practice areas: Israeli Family Law, Divorce in Israel, Israeli Lasting Power of Attorney.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Work experience: 5 years as a qualified Israeli Family Lawyer.

Phone: 020 8129 5858

Position: Associate

As an associate at a leading boutique Family & Inheritance Law firm in Tel Aviv, Kamila has successfully handled numerous high-stakes divorce cases, skilfully balancing the economic and financial assets of her clients. Her expertise extends to representing clients in family, Appellate, and Rabbinical courts, ensuring their rights and interests are protected throughout the divorce process.

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    Comprehensive Israeli Family Law Services

    Kamila provides a wide range of Israeli family law services, including:

    • Divorce in Israel
    • Financial settlements and asset division
    • Child custody and support arrangements
    • Spousal maintenance and alimony
    • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for divorce and family disputes

    Her in-depth knowledge of Israeli family law, combined with her experience in ADR, allows Kamila to develop tailored strategies that meet the unique needs of each client. She is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients while minimising the emotional and financial strain often associated with divorce.

    In addition to her work in private practice, Kamila has gained valuable experience in the public sector. As an attorney in the civil department of the Jerusalem District Attorney’s office, she represented the state in various administrative and civilian procedures. She was also part of the prosecution team in a groundbreaking, high-profile case in the cryptocurrency realm.

    During her internship at the civilian department of the state attorney’s office, Kamila managed disciplinary and precedential proceedings at the Supreme Court related to family law. This experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of the Israeli legal system and its application to family law matters.

    Education and Qualifications

    Kamila holds an LLB from the University of Tel-Aviv, where she graduated on the Dean’s List in 2017. She also earned an LLM in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program at the University of Tel-Aviv, graduating with honours.

    In addition to her formal education, Kamila is a qualified editor of Israeli Lasting Power of Attorney, further demonstrating her commitment to providing comprehensive legal services to her clients.

    Client-Focused Approach

    When working with clients, Kamila prioritises building effective strategies that achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Her creative legal thinking, broad perspective, and commitment to transparency form the foundation of her client-focused approach.

    If you are seeking a trusted, experienced Israeli family law lawyer to guide you through your divorce in Israel or assist with other family law matters, contact Kamila Abigeil Michman today.