Since 1975, we have been providing excellent service to our clients with regard to Israeli property matters in Israel. Property law in Israel is a broad, complex, and constantly evolving field of law in which we are proud to be at the forefront.

We have completed hundreds of successful transactions of secondhand, new-build, and commercial properties, from a multimillion-dollar plot in Herzliya to a share in an apartment in Raanana.

We have deep knowledge of the Israeli Property market as well as its commercial aspects. As a result, we are assisting our clients to complete the conveyancing quickly and safely while gaining maximum economic benefit. Our knowledge of Israeli and foreign banking law ensures that funds arrive and depart on time. You can contact us with any question by calling us or sending an email.

Our Israeli Property lawyers handled a range of complex conveyancing matters involving deceased owners, proprietor disputes, charged and mortgaged land, capital gains tax, planning breaches, listed buildings, and land registry matters.

We offer our clients the best service thanks to the expertise of our Israeli lawyers in cross-border transactions. Our associates in the US and Europe assist us with the legal implications regarding their jurisdiction.

We provide legal advice and legal affidavits of Israeli law to UK, US and European courts and probate officers.

We have dealt with many property litigation cases. Please fill out the following online form and we will contact you shortly.

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    Property conveyancing in Israel

    The following are some of the most common Property issues we advise on:

    Buying property

    Property sourcing, negotiating, and handling the conveyancing, including performing searches, obtaining mortgages, drafting and exchanging contracts, and registering the proprietor rights and dealing with the Land Tax Authority.

    Selling property

    Finding a buyer, conducting due diligence, negotiating and handling the conveyancing, and securing the payment and transfer of funds from Israel to the seller’s bank. We can also provide expert advice on land tax.

    Gifting property

    Along with drafting the contract and registering proprietor rights, we advise on stamp duty and other land tax issues.

     Jointly owned property

    We can help you reach an agreement with the other partner that governs property management, income sharing, and the responsibility of reporting. If negotiations fail, we can sell the whole or part of the property by court order.