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Our firm sold a property for an impressive 44% premium above the surveyor’s valuation. This follows our firm’s successful track record of selling plots, flats, and commercial properties above market value.

The way that we managing to sale properties for a high value and in a secure method is known as ‘invitation to treat’. An ‘invitation to treat’ is an advertisement we publish in Israeli media that invites the public to submit offers to purchase the property.

One of the conditions of the ‘invitation to treat’ is that the offeror must irrevocably consent to the conditions outlined in the advertisement, offer form, and sale agreement. This allows us to manage the process efficiently, save time and costs, and safeguard our clients’ interests. Additionally, one of the terms in the offer form is that the offer will only be considered valid if it is accompanied by a 10% deposit in the form of a bank check, which may be forfeited under certain circumstances. This requirement ensures that offerors are committed to the offer by “put their money where their mouth is”. This also ensures that unserious buyers and intermediaries are deterred from the process.

It is important to note that we would reserves the sellers right to reject any offers for any reason, negotiate with any bidder or entity, not sell the property, and re-advertise the ‘invitation to treat’.

After receiving at least two compliant offers, we would invite the offerors to take part in a tender. The competitive nature of the tender, additional interest of the offer is would eventually result in a favourable outcome for the seller.

Please note that the process should be done only by qualified and experienced lawyers to ensure that all parties understand their rights and obligations, and to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.

Our firm has extensive experience in representing non-Israeli property owners. We invite UK-based property owners to contact us for preliminary advice on the most effective way to sell their property in Israel. Our firm will handle all necessary steps and issues to introduce the property to the market in the best possible manner. We would solve any issues related to probate/succession, title, conveyancing, and land tax, quickly and cost effectively.

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